Carolina bay at Savannah River Ecology Lab

Zooplankton Coexistence

There is much room for improving understanding of the contribution of interspecific interactions, such as competition and predation, to extinction risk. I am looking at the interactions of local native and non-native cladocerans, as well as zooplankton community recovery following removal of non-native fish in Sierra Nevada lakes. I am also working to explain why temporary wetlands at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory are able to support a hyper-diverse zooplankton community.

The work at the Savannah River Ecology lab includes analysis of community structure in an existing medium-term dataset on zooplankton communities. This dataset offers extensive scope for data analysis, complementary experiments and future sampling efforts. See our interactive data website: “".


. Ordination obscures the influence of environment on plankton metacommunity structure. Limnology and Oceanography Letters: 1:54-61, 2016.

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Estimating environmental and biotic niches of aquatic organisms.
Apr 12, 2019